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DV at PEI IR NY 2023
Posted by | May 8, 2023
Key Insights: PEI Investor Relations, Marketing and Communication 2023 Conference (New York)

Key insights from PEI Investor Relations, Marketing and Communications conference in New York City. Highlighting best practices and trends impacting today’s IR landscape. 

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Posted by | November 14, 2022
WHITEPAPER: How to Select the Right Technology to Support Your Investor Relations Teams

The DDQs, RFPs and investor requests volumes have been significantly increasing. In our latest Whitepaper “How to Select the Right Technology to Support Your Investor Relations Teams”, we present five...

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fundraising ideas
Posted by | July 26, 2022
Private Equity Fundraising: Raising Capital In a Volatile Market

With this year's volatile markets, fundraising in the private capital markets is becoming harder. What technology can you use to strengthen relationships with investors?

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PEI Forum 2022
Posted by | April 28, 2022
Takeaways from the PEI Investor Relations, Marketing and Communication Forum 2022

Takeaways from the Private Equity International’s Investor Relations, Marketing & Communications 2022 Forum in New York, where DV had the opportunity to speak and listen to many leading private equity...

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Posted by | February 8, 2022
8 Takeaways from our Allocator and Fund Manager 2021 Webinars

8 takeaways for allocators and fund managers including operational due diligence, Asia and technology innovation

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Posted by | October 28, 2020
Why invest in a DDP when you have survey options?

As part of our ongoing series exploring what is a digital diligence platform and how it fits into the InvestTech ecosystem, today we examine survey applications and how DDP’s may...

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Posted by | July 31, 2020
The of Due Diligence

Is diligence similar to dating?Think about it: Two parties meet, exchange information, and make a decision to commit or not. Similarly, a type of diligence occurs when a person is...

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Posted by | March 27, 2019
Rethinking Investor Relations Tech

Firms should apply the “zoom out/zoom in” approach to technology investments. The “zoom out” perspective looks at a time horizon of 10 or more years and tries to predict the...

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Posted by | December 21, 2018
Data Disintermediation: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

The investment management industry runs on data. Organizations build their businesses around carefully constructed, disciplined processes of collecting and analyzing information that are designed..

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Posted by | May 30, 2017
What Is Your Investment Engagement ROI?

Differentiation has become the touchstone of the future, and those funds that strategically embrace change in a way that responds to investor demands will be the ones that prosper going...

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